Welcome to my portfolio.

Tour of Minnesota hosts a yearly road bike ride accross Minnesota. This is an attempt to redesign their current website to be more appealing and navigable. This is my current project under construction.

Toodledo is a productivity application. There is no official Chrome app so this program fills the space. It allows the Toodledo to display in a native window outside of the browser.

neoCBT was designed for the UC Irvine Med AppJam competition in 2016. It's goal is to help patiens with Tinnitus learn more about the condition and mechanisms to cope.

QPass is an application designed to replace my high school's attendance system. Users can scan a dynamic QR code in order to verify their attendance instead of a traditional roll call.

The ScorpionByte app is the companion a social network developed my high school friendgroup. ScorpionByte is a currently a registered LLC.

This GitHub repository houses the final results from various programming competitions in which I have paricipated. All code is either solo or pair programmed.